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Turning Traders Into Professionals

Program Goals:

  • To developer a trader’s individual style
  • To develop a trader’s confidence in their setups and their trading plan
  • To improve the accuracy of the trader’s performance
  • To achieve consistency in the traders performance
  • To raise the overall trader’s skill level
  • To develop a successful trader’s mindset
  • To implement certain lifestyle changes in order to achieve an organised trading mind
  • To develop a consistent risk management model in a trader

Market Stalkers Evening School is a live class in London once a week for 6 months. You will be given access to online content to help with the concepts.

£3,350 plus VAT (£4,020 total with VAT included) - Half payment due immediately to secure your place on the course.

Syllabus includes:

  • Price action course
  • Supply/Demand and Q Points
  • Market Profile for short term and futures trading
  • Macroeconomics for traders
  • Trading stocks and shares
  • Ex-dividend strategy
  • Access to online video training material for Q Points, S/D and Market Profile (so that you can learn at your own pace)
  • Classroom-based lectures in the City of London once a week for 6 months per class. Next class starts from March 2018

Market Stalkers Evening School is a live trading school in the City of London. During the course we provide you with not only with classroom lectures once a week but also unlimited email support in between the live classes. For the email support, we have 3 dedicated mentors who take care of our Trainees. We aim to respond within a few hours. Live lessons are taught by our founder and director Deeyana Angelo, ACSI.


  • Trader must understand and speak/write English to a native or very advanced level
  • Trader must be over 21 years of age
  • Trader must have some University although a full degree is not mandatory
  • Trader must already be familiar with reading candlestick charts
  • Trader must already bee the candlestick patterns and be able to recognise them in realtime markets: engulfing patterns, stars, etc (not the chart patterns, but CANDLE patterns. Chart patterns are ink stains – very subjective. On the other hand, candlestick patterns comprised of 2-3 candles tell us a lot about price movement. Think of them as alphabet of trading)
  • Trader must know what types of orders exist: we won’t be explaining what a stop-loss is and we expect traders to know the meaning of a limit order vs at market order.

After the successful completion of the first 6 months attending the classroom lectures once a week, traders will have the opportunity for:

Blahtech Funding

Blahtech Funding may be offered to traders who wish to undertake a live evaluation period. Evaluation Period involves a number of risk parameters and targets to see how the Trader will behave under pressure in the live markets. Blahtech Funding and live evaluation period is completely optional. Please note that the Evaluation Period is only available to those traders who have completed the Market Stalkers Evening School.


The next live class starts March 2018 in the City of London. Classes are once a week in the evening to allow people to attend after work, starting at 7pm.

Half of the payment is due immediately. The other half is due on the day of your first lecture.

Once you've made the payment, you can schedule a phone/skype call with our director if you have any questions. We are also on hand to help you with any queries about online video lessons and material.