We are a young company - MS Method (MSM) and online video course has only been available since 2016 for the wider trader community. Since then, we have been actively watching some of our students learn and develop into competent traders.

So to answer one of the common questions we get:

What are typical trader returns with MSM?

Here is an example of three very different traders (all trading MSM) and their returns this year so far:

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On average, our top performing traders are managing around 30-40% ROI per annum. We advocate strong risk management and no crazy trading.

Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you trade well you can attract institutional funding, especially with the rise of innovative platforms such as Darwinex that enables 'regular' people to run a mini fund without all the strenuous requirements of having a large seed capital and legal support to start with.

But to become a consistently profitable, disciplined trader with a steady, organised trading mind and a developed personal trading style can take anywhere from 2-7 years on average - depending on how much free time you have and how analytical/methodical/disciplined you are with your own performance. Yes, you must be very analytical but also flexible enough to think creatively within the scope of established set of rules. It also takes a lot of courage to put your money where your mouth is day in, day out.

Another issue with many companies that sell trading courses is that they may have top traders as mentors and teachers who are able to trade the strategy extremely well - because it's their strategy! However being able to teach the method to others is a whole different skill.

As we continue to grow, we expect to see more and more Market Stalkers students rising up to the top of the pack and eventually joining us as funded traders in Blahtech and/or Darwinex alike.


Our star trader Richard aka uksnowman is about to do it again!

It's a complete Blahtech/Market Stalkers domination over at Darwinex for the Darwinia monthly trading contest.

Richard H. is sitting at #1 spot and is on track to win an extra $300k in nominal funding from Darwinex.
With just over a week to go until the end of the month, we're naturally all very excited for RIchard.

Even if he ends up anywhere in top 5, this is an amazing achievement, brought forward by RIchard's constant striving for improvement, with no ego and pure persistence.

EDIT: Richard ended up 6th and is now managing 140,000 euros. Still a huge achievement from over 3000 traders on Darwinex platform.

Richard H. aka 'uksnowman' wins Darwinia funding for 3 months running, totalling €90,000

Good traders are like top pro athletes - a very rare species. But every so often a talented, resilient individual comes along, who refuses to give up, keeps getting better and then goes on to achieve what seems impossible for most.

Today I would like to shine a light on Richard H. better known by his trading moniker 'uksnowman' who has done so well in the last 6 months. All last year, Richard spent time honing and tweaking his live trading skills. This resulted in his Darwinex fund 'SDP' being funded with 90,000 euros of Darwinia money. Richard trades the MS method.

It's so nice when my traders reach milestones like these. Having a trading record such as a 'darwin' shows the evolution of a trader's skill. Even though the first year didn't go that well, Richard kept tweaking and improving, until the results started to come. As a part of the process, we reviewed his previous live trades to see where the weaknesses were and how to minimise them. Uncomfortable process but highly necessary for anyone looking to become a consistently profitable trader.

One thing Richard changed in his trading since October last year is to wait for Q Points on the Daily chart before looking for lower timeframe price action signals to go in. He is mainly a swing trader, however he uses a mix of swing and intraday trading. If going into an intraday position, he trades a smaller size. He has a high risk/reward expectation on his swing trades, going up to 9x r/r ratio, although he will book profits at 4x.

Well done Rich!


ESMA is rolling out a new set of regulations that will cut the leverage when trading financial products for the retail traders.

Up until very recently retail brokers were offering ridiculously large margins to trade highly desirable products such as forex and CFDs. We're talking 500:1 leverage and the sorts. Additionally, people were also roped into trading "binary options" which inherently have a negative risk/reward. Statistically this makes it impossible to be profitable without a 90% winning average. Yes, average. Luckily for everyone involved, ESMA is rightfully scrapping binary options altogether.

Impact on Market Stalkers courses: none!

Our courses advocate a use of very strict risk percentage per trade in relation to the trading capital available. We also advocate to only have maximum two open active positions at any time. This means that even when high leverage was an option, your "margin requirements" would never even come close to busting the margin due to high percentage per trade in relation to available trading capital. This means that although the available margin with the new rules will be a lot less, you need not worry about the method or our strategies. In fact, Dodd Frank regulation in the US did something similar years ago - they slashed the retail fx trading margins to 50:1.

ESMA goes a step further, placing the margins for major fx pairs at 30:1, CFDs at 20:1 and cryptos at 2:1.
When it comes to cryptocurrencies, we advise only long term strategies and only buying them for a buy-and-hold long term gain. Therefore using a speadbetting broker platform doesn't even come into that. You must have enough underlying capital to even get involved in cryptos.

We whole-heartedly support this retail regulatory move and are pleased to inform our students that we can keep trading just as we've traded the last 8 years.

Read more about ESMA regulatory measures HERE.

Scary stuff...

Markets are viewed as easy cash - the difficulty of trading well is downplayed by many.
Learning to trade was certainly one of the most difficult journeys of my life.
It's not about the uncapped earning potential or about the windfalls you may come to experience, contrary to popular belief.
To be a good trader, you must know yourself: hunt for your own weaknesses, face them head-on, subdue the ego, learn to let go, to forgive yourself but mostly - learn to grow above and beyond your own self-limiting beliefs. Tough...

My trader journey started like this - I spent two whole years observing, testing and journalling for 10-16 hours a day to hone my trader skills. That's over 7,000 hours!

I spent my free weekends backtesting the markets from that week in a rather dreadful little program that still gives me nightmares occasionally. As a session musician, I had the luxury of extra time most people don't have. I am beyond grateful for that.

For the following 2 years I only traded eurusd. I learned how it breathes, when it moves, how it behaves during high risk events. I measured liquidity by using median values to determine my stoplosses for the most optimal risk/reward ratio. Manually! I spent 4 hours every Sunday doing my weekly trading plan meticulously and without a fail.
It will be years before Blahtech wizards stepped in with an optimisation algorithm that made this process much easier. Al of my levels I calculated and measured with a few lines on the chart, a scoring table for my trade levels due dilligence and a calculator.

These days my trading is very systematic and looks discretionary to those who don't know the whole story. We are working on creating a Master Algorithm with the symbiotic help from Blahtech software house. Our flagship products are a component of that algorithm. Professional tools for the independent trader.

After teaching loads of people how to trade over the years through word of mouth, it became a little too time consuming to repeat the same methods over and over so I created this little website called MarketStalkers.co.uk to have a place where I can put a few videos so that people could easily refer to the techniques I use. Out of the blue I started to get random visitors who wanted more videos.

Eventually the little website grew into a site that has over 6,000 visitors each month and hundreds of users who want tangible trading methods to become good at technical market analysis and price action reading. Out of my own journey I came up with Q Points, my proprietary systematic method of finding trade locations.

My Pro Development course is my own journey to what I know today - from Supply/Demand swing trading, through to Daily range exhaustion and Market Profile for intraday sentiment reading, it's all held together by Q Points as the one constant to my trade location/direction choices on any given timeframe.

Will you become an awesome trader after the course? That's entirely up to you. My way ensures that you trade at swing extremes, following price action patterns and having a high enough risk/reward ratio for a viable system, probability-wise. The rest is up to your own self-discipline and courage to find your fears and weaknesses and deal with them efficiently.


One of the biggest challenges as students learn to trade is staying motivated and positive. Feeling like a victim or justifying your own trading errors on other factors is nothing but egos playing up and brains trying to drag you back into the “comfort zone”.

Learning to trade successfully requires a resilience and stubbornness that few people are willing to endure. This process however is necessary because it ultimately creates an identity shift. Remember that sometimes when things are falling apart, they’re falling into place.

Changing your entire career to a new environment such as trading, which by default requires you to accept uncertainty and to let go of the past, is probably the toughest thing you’ll ever do.

Rising above the “norm” is never easy. Sometimes I have days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed and looking at the markets. However this is my JOB.

As a professional, I have to do my job, regardless of whether I FEEL like it or not. If I only traded when I FEEL like it or if I only exercised when I FEEL like it, I would never achieve anything. Be a doer, not a victim. You and you alone have the power to shift your mind into positivity.

It’s easy staying positive and motivated when things are going right. The challenge is to stay positive and motivated, believing in yourself, even after you’ve messed up a few times and found yourself in a drawdown. Because if you have a mission, a goal that you’re heading towards in your mind, your passion and DRIVE should be enough to shake off the current psychological discomfort and get back on the horse.

Ultimately, success comes to those who don’t give up. No one casually strolls into long-term profitability without going through emotional pain. It’s how you decide to deal with this pain is the difference between failure and ultimate success.

If you want something bad enough, your brain will find a way to get it for you, if you stick with the goal long enough. You have to work hard, analyse your performance, pick yourself apart, do better next trade, do exercise to deal with stress, re-analyse, review review review.

Look for patterns in your own previous performance – analytical nature is of pivotal importance in trading. Write down everything, from stoploss sizes used, to trade durations, track market movements even when you’re not in a trade yourself, write about how you felt. This will become an invaluable journal on your path to becoming a successful trader.
If it was easy, everyone would be a trader.

If you persist, you will be a part of an elite group of humans who have the discipline to stick to a goal for years, in order to live the life they really want.


Development Plans for 2017:

Major Update for Blahtech Market Profile
Risk management EA with Daily & Weekly Loss Limits
Adding risk management architecture to Blahtech EA
Our own licensing/encryption system for Blahtech indicators
Separate Trend Indicator (user request)
Separate Q point Indicator (user request)

We are continuing to bridge the gap in the trading methodology information and tools available to independent and retail traders in order to increase the standard of their skills.

I waited until after Christmas to bring some very sad news to light.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of a close friend and one of our Market Stalkers traders Yana Pankratova, at only 29 years of age.

Yana and I got acquainted through a mutual friend who recommended me as a mentor. But as we started working together, we grew closer and closer as friends. We started exercising together, we spent our weekends together on top of mentoring and chatting for 10-12 hours a day each week while she worked for another prop trading company, trading the Market Stalkers way. She quickly picked up the methodology (faster than anyone ever before) and started generating 5-figure profits each month, after a three week bootcamp mentoring starter with me.

Yana was truly a remarkable young woman, driven beyond belief who frequently wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Yana also had a penchant for skydiving, which was her second great passion. I remember we were talking over the phone as she was waiting for her plane ride to go home to Russia when she said: “Oh they have skydiving here, I’ll call you back, gonna go do a jump!” Who does that? Casually waiting in an airport lounge and then instead of a cappuccino, jump out of the plane! This perfectly describes her incredible personality and ambition.

Her biggest dream was to trade the markets. This burning desire was evident every moment I spent in her presence. When the going got tough at one point, she confided in me that if she suddenly couldn’t trade for whatever reason, her life would be over. Little did I know that she had less than a few months to live. Her words now ring in my head with a somewhat sinister undertone. I wish to take this opportunity to remind everyone to live your lives to the fullest, because we never know when the end game is coming. What each of us can take from Yana is that she knew what she wanted and she went after it, willing to do whatever it takes in order to reach her goals.

Although her life was cruelly cut short by a very aggressive form of stomach cancer, what she achieved during her time on Earth will forever leave a memory etched into my mind as long as I live.

The rest of the people in Blahtech referred to us as “the trading twins”, as we were both Eastern European, quite petite, with similar backgrounds and even similar names: Yana and Deeyana. Our similarities went right down to being competitive gymnasts as children and exploring more exotic ways to enhance our spirituality, including dabbling in Kabbalah and Tibetan monk practices. I will forever cherish the orthodox Christmas we spent together in January, just Yana, my husband and me, when I cooked a massive orthodox Christmas dinner including a huge salmon, mushroom soup and some pancakes just for the three of us, after she told me that no one else in London celebrates “our” Christmas. I’d only known her for a couple of months at that time but our bond was already obvious. She had just returned from a brief break in Russia. She bought me a special Russian vodka, a favourite of her father. The only vodka I am able to drink neat.

I hoped that she would somehow get better but sadly after only 4 short months of treatment, she took her last breath on Monday morning, 19th December 2016 almost exactly one week ago. Her demise eventually became quite obvious to me every time she sent a whatsapp voice message, each time sounding weaker and weaker. I was one of the very few people who knew of her horrible affliction. She confided in me as soon as she found out but asked me not to tell anyone, because she wanted people to remember her as a smiley, happy, crazy, beautiful chick who trades the markets and jumps out of planes in her spare time. Although at one point she was joking how she might start a blog entitled: “the cancer daytrader”. She had a great sense of humor and a very unique outlook on life. Brave and daring, she fought until the very end. The world has lost a special soul and I will miss her energy and ambition endlessly.

Rest in peace beautiful.


Most of our students know that our director and founder Deeyana Angelo advocates a heavy fitness regime to keep the instinctual side of yourself away from your trading by depleting the glycogen reserves through lifting heavy weights. Practicing what she preaches (somewhat to the extreme), Deeyana is a bikini fitness competitor. On Sunday, 26th October 2016, Ms Angelo won her Pro card at the Pure Elite Fitness Competition. She is currently training for the Pure Elite World Championship Finals, which is happening on 5th November 2016 at the famous O2 Arena in London.

If you wish to come and support her, she is doing two categories: Bikini Diva and Bikini Short. It's an amazing day out, starting at 1pm. It's a great opportunity to see some of the most amazing physiques from all over the world and to meet very inspiring people. Tickets are available from AXS:

Endurance and self-discipline go hand in hand, both in sports and in trading. Understanding the biology of emotions and how physical fitness can help you overcome your trading gremlins is very important for newer traders who are struggling to control their impulses.

Deeyana Wins Her Category at Pure Elite Fitness Competition
Our pink-haired director takes 1st place in Bikini Diva Pure Elite


The book where it all started!

Market Stalkers Price Action Trading is now available in paperback. We had many requests for the printed version of the book and we finally decided to do it.

Grab your copy HERE