We are a young company - MS Method (MSM) and online development program has only been available since 2016 for the wider trader community. Since then, we have been actively watching some of our students learn and develop into competent traders.

So to answer one of the common questions we get:

What are typical trader returns with MSM?

Here is an example of three very different traders (all trading MSM) and their returns this year so far:

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On average, our top performing traders on Darwinex are managing around 30-40% ROI per annum.

But here's the kicker:

Darwinex operates on a VaR calculation meaning that underlying accounts of these traders achieve 300-400% ROI per annum. Yes you read that right. However this is not achieved by crazy trading or crazy risk. The largest position per trade that our traders use is no more than 2% per trade. Maximum. But we manage these sorts of numbers by keeping a relatively high Risk/Reward Ratio on trades - anything from 2-4x profit in relation to initial risk taken.

Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you trade well you can attract institutional funding, especially with the rise of innovative platforms such as Darwinex that enables 'regular' people to run a mini fund without all the strenuous requirements of having to find large amounts of seed capital and legal support.

But to become a consistently profitable, disciplined trader with a steady, organised trading mind and a developed personal trading style can take anywhere from 2-7 years on average - depending on how much free time you have and how analytical/methodical/disciplined you are with your own performance. Yes, you must be very analytical but also flexible enough to think creatively within the scope of established set of rules. It also takes a lot of courage to put your money where your mouth is day in, day out.

As we continue to grow, we expect to see more and more Market Stalkers students rising up to the top of the pack and eventually joining us as funded traders in Blahtech and/or Darwinex alike.