At the end of 2018, our two companies Market Stalkers & Blahtech decided to try something rather unusual to try and reach a wider community of traders.

We created 'taster' courses from the concepts in our main methodology and uploaded them on Udemy - a course platform with millions of users.

Within two months, the sheer amount of students who started joining us on Udemy but also on the main website was completely overwhelming.

We now have over 2000 students, still growing by the month.

And to think it all started on the trading floor in London 7 years ago, with me blabbering about my way of trading to junior funded traders who were gathering around my desk to listen with the hope of improving their own skills.

I am aware that my way of teaching traders has a unique approach - I offer a highly specialised mentoring portal access with my Silver and Gold bundles as a part of the Professional Development Program. But this is not just for the good of the community - I have my own goals why I'm doing this.

Enjoying seeing someone develop their confidence as a trader is a joyous process. However I set out to offer my Pro Dev program to source out raw trading talent for my own vision for a prop trading company: one where everyone is remote and yet trading institutional size funded accounts provided by my equity partners. This dream has partly come true but I'm nowhere near done yet!

We now have a number of funded traders in Blahtech and we are aiming to grow this number in the coming years.

I will continue to scout for trading talent via the Mentoring Portal for those who wish to pursue this kind of a career path. But I can only do this if people are active on there.

The best way to get full use of Pro Dev Program is to be active in the portal.

By having someone experienced guide you through the learning process in a systematic way, it means that you will get to consistency and profitability much faster than those bumbling around the markets with undirected trial and error. So instead of taking years (or even decades) to understand what and where you need to improve, I only need a few months to drastically improve your trading performance.

So get your weekly trading plans ready - it's time to move forward with your trading.

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