Richard H. wins Darwinia funding for 3 months running, totalling €90,000

Good traders are like top pro athletes - a very rare species. But every so often a talented, resilient individual comes along, who refuses to give up, keeps getting better and then goes on to achieve what seems impossible for most.

Today I would like to shine a light on Richard H. who has done so well in the last 6 months. All last year, Richard spent time honing and tweaking his live trading skills. This resulted in his Darwinex mini-fund being funded with 90,000 euros of Darwinia money. Richard trades the MS method.

It's so nice when my traders reach milestones like these. Having a trading record such as a 'darwin' shows the evolution of a trader's skill. Even though the first year didn't go that well, Richard kept tweaking and improving, until the results started to come. As a part of the process, we reviewed his previous live trades to see where the weaknesses were and how to minimise them. Uncomfortable process but highly necessary for anyone looking to become a consistently profitable trader.

One thing Richard changed in his trading since October last year is to wait for Q Points on the Daily chart before looking for lower timeframe price action signals to go in. He is mainly a swing trader, however he uses a mix of swing and intraday trading. If going into an intraday position, he trades a smaller size. He has a high risk/reward expectation on his swing trades, going up to 9x r/r ratio, although he will book profits at 4x.

Well done Rich!