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Three years ago we decided we wanted to share our passion and experience for market speculation and resulting profits by realising current trader training on offer leaves much to be desired.

Enter Market Stalkers, a brain-child of Mrs. Deeyana Angelo, a well-known independent London prop trader with almost 9 years experience, 4 of which as a professional trader in the City of London.

She also serves as a financial strategist for a boutique software development firm Blahtech Limited based in London UK. She is a share holder and MD for Blahtech.

Mrs. Angelo currently manages a privately owned active fund with a small team of traders that she has trained herself using the education material provided on this website. In her spare time, she is also an avid fitness competitor and a highly skilled musician.

Her passion and vast knowledge is more than obvious throughout the course content, also confirmed by students who attend the Market Stalkers London seminars, which happen every few months in Kensington, offering a chance to listen to the boss lady teaching in person, as well as to network with other current students and traders.

So what is the difference? Market Stalkers Method is the first of its kind, created in the new era of market turbulence and vastly decreased liquidity that saw many previously proven strategies fall flat on their heads, taking many a shirt off the back of trend-following traders. When there’s momentum in the markets, poor trade locations get rewarded by this momentum. But take the momentum away and the flaws of the trader’s skills (or lack thereof) are exposed in full, blinding light.

Market Stalkers use a statistical and scientific approach to finding trade locations, by blending a couple of bank flow practices into a systematic repeatable trading method, utilising a rather innovative and yet simplistic concept of Q points (another part of Mrs. Deeyana Angelo’s legacy to the trading world), as well as using statistical data such as average daily range exhaustions and mean reversion to distribution curves to find highly probable areas of reactive price action. The method even goes right down to using flow diagrams for conditions required in order to enter the trade. Something you’ve never seen done before in a trading course.

Another point to be taken from the courses is that the conditions can easily be combined with whatever has worked for you in the past. Each of the Blahtech/Market Stalkers traders have their unique styles within the method. A lot of it relies on time of day for accuracy of entries and exits, which is again a rather fresh approach to purely price-based exit techniques.
The method offers precision and flexibility, but more importantly, objectivity to read the order flow, giving extra confidence in the setups.

Because of its nature the method is applicable to a wide range of different asset classes, including Foreign Exchange (forex), Equity Indices and Commodities markets.

If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, it would be our honour to play the major part of opening your eyes to a brand new world of professional, systematic, repeatable trading.

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