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Turning Traders Into Professionals

If you are already profitable, Blahtech will fund profitable traders with initial $10,000 through the Darwinex platform if you reach a certain set of performance parameters. You will also get exposure to other investors on the platform if you continue to trade well.

Steps to take:

  1. Contact us using the form to the left to provide you with a Darwinex scouting link - this is how we keep track of our prospective traders
  2. Use the link we provide to open a Darwinex account with a small amount of funds - we don't mind if it's a micro account
  3. Create a Darwin fund - You will need to trade for a minimum of 1 month for your Darwinex account to be eligible for a Darwin fund. For an explanation of what is a Darwin, please see this link.
  4. Trade for a minimum of 3 months and maximum for 6 months with the following risk parameters and targets:
  • MAX Drawdown 5%
  • Reach a PROFIT TARGET of 10%

If you reach the profit target within these risk parameters within the 3-6 month period, we will fund your Darwin with an initial $10,000. The profit split from Darwinex is 20% profit split to the trader, which is the same as any serious investment/prop trading firm. If you are trading well, it is likely that your fund will attract attention from other investors, making the scalability of your strategy very easy.

Please note: Darwinex accounts are not available for residents of USA, Iran and Japan due to very strict regulations on fx trading.