How are Market Stalkers different from other services?

We are active, professional traders with CISI IAD qualifications. We have an investment department as well, but we prefer the method of teaching people how to fish, rather than feeding them for a day. Market Stalkers are a community of pro traders and world-class educators who have decided to share their knowledge and lifestyle/mindset. Our traders are able to speculate on the market movements correctly over 70% of the time using the Market Stalkers Method and still work professionally for other well-known proprietary companies world financial centers such as London and Chicago.

The method we've developed by combining price action strategies has lead us to a systematic way of trading that takes out the guesswork. We place heavy emphasis on psychology and developing a successful traders mindset in our students right from the very beginning. Our method is a repeatable, systematic way of trading based on price action and market distribution curves. Because of this unique aspect of the method, it is applicable to a wide range of asset classes, including the foreign currency exchange, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, futures, commodities, equities and single stocks as well.

Market Stalkers are a subdivision of Blahtech Limited, a 12-years strong company that has provided IT software architecture services for investment banks since its inception. Being a part of Blahtech has enabled us to develop innovative price-action indicators never before seen for Metatrader 4 platform. Blahtech MT4 indicators are available for rental/purchase from Marketplace. If interested, please click here: "MT4 INDICATORS"

Do you have online courses?
We have Pro Development courses, aimed at intermediate traders who have been trading for at least a couple of years but are struggling to make it work. The Pro Development Series is structured as a complete course broken down into 3 levels, sorted by difficulty. If you prefer to learn by reading, there are two Market Stalkers books available on THIS PAGE. The two books outline the large portion of the method. It is the most affordable way to kick start further development.

Do you mentor new traders?

In short, no.
However, we can provide 1-2-1 mentorship over a 6 months period for intermediate traders (experience trading live markets for 2 or more years. 2 Year MINIMUM).
Visit THIS PAGE for more information.

Please keep in mind that the kind of guidance that our founder provides is aimed at intermediate traders, those who have grappled with the markets for at least 2 years but are struggling to be consistent, either psychologically or strategy-wise - or both. If you've never traded before, we advise you to take a course that teaches the basics. This is not a website for complete beginners. If you're good at learning things by yourself, go through school, it's free. Once you've had one year's worth of learning and another year's worth of trading a small account, come back and do the Market Stalkers Pro Dev course. If you're interested in mentorship, please contact us for details. There are extra fees involved with the mentorship. CLICK HERE for details.

I want to trade futures. Can you teach me how?

Some of us do trade futures. It is highly inadvisable to start with futures if you haven't achieved profitability from swing trading yet. We firmly believe that a trader should first become proficient and profitable in analysing longer-term markets and do swing trading before attempting to trade intraday. Intraday is the hardest and least rewarding type of trading. It is also terrible for people who have not yet developed ironclad self-discipline and a proper mindset of a successful trader because it seemingly gives endless opportunities for trading in a day. In reality, this leads to over-trading, frustration and a quick loss of capital. It can also lead to divorce and general chronic grumpiness. As a trader, first skill one must learn is to wait for the strong setups and be patient like an ambush predator waiting on its prey to come closer before pouncing. Much like our mascot, chameleon Bob the ambush predator. Swing trading and longer time frames force a trader to wait and so does market profile because you HAVE to work in half hour periods. Eventually disciplined behavior becomes routine, leading to consistency and a fairly smooth rising equity curve. Furthermore, in order to trade futures with a correct risk management model, you'd have to have a sizeable amount of capital (at least $50k). So if you are fortunate enough to have 50-100k of disposable income and you don't mind blowing it on education, give futures trading a go. But even well capitalised individuals should learn trading on MT4 first where you can scale down your positions to mini and micro lots according to your account size and add size only when you demonstrate competence and consistency.

How do I become a member?

Free membership is available upon visiting the website and filling in the pop-up form. It offers access to 3 free lessons as well as a selection of previous weekly trading levels, some of which are on our youtube channel. Free membership is there so that you can see whether you connect to the method. It is meant for existing students of MS and users of Blahtech, helping along with the creation of your own trading plans and processes.

Gold Membership is a lifetime access to the Pro Development Series, plus a complimentary access to Weekly Strategy. On top of this, Gold Members have an option to take advantage of Four 1-2-1 skype sessions with one of our mentors within the first 3 months of purchasing the MS Program.
Gold members can also request a video lesson on a particular subject, which will be then added to Level 3 playlist. The Gold membership is a one-off payment.

All levels of Membership are purchased through a video passcodes and playlist tickets - there are no complicated logins. Each individual user-generated password is remembered through a cookie in your browser.

Gold membership offers three different formats if payment is made in full:
  • Online VoD - default format
  • Download
  • USB drive

If you choose to pay in 12 month instalments, only one option is available: Online Video on Demand.