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If you are already profitable and you can manage risk for extended periods of time, we are willing to provide funding.

Our trading challenge has some risk parameters that must be followed. You can try as many times as you wish.

Upon successful completion we will initially offer a £10,000 account that will be scaled up depending on actual further live performance.

Funding Challenge Parameters:

  • Trade for minimum 3 months, maximum 6 months
  • Max drawdown cannot go below 10% - either from the starting account balance in case of no profits or from any maximum peak of the performance - if it does it will automatically disqualify the demo account
  • Profit target - minimum 10% overall target for the entire duration of the challenge
  • Only two positions open simultaneously**
  • Grid trading not allowed**
  • Martingale not allowed**
  • Your final profit factor must be above 1.25 (sum of all winning trades vs sum of all losing trades)

**Due to the new ESMA rules, live accounts are limited to 50:1 leverage on major fx pairs and 20:1 leverage on CFDs. Because of this we do not allow grid or martingale trading in the tryouts or in live accounts.

To discourage those who are not serious about trading and to also give you a sense of real risk, we charge a fee of £77 per each attempt. You can try as many times as you wish.

What happens after payment:

  • We will set up a demo account on a Darwinex MT4 platform and provide you with the login details within 24-48 hours (sometimes even faster).

  • We will continue to monitor the account performance once per week to ensure all parameters have been met.

If you go into more than 10% max drawdown from any max peak, the account will be disqualified from the funding. You can come back to this page and require to open another monitored account.

If you've traded well for 3-6 months following the set-out risk parameters and you've reached a 10% profit target with a profit factor above 1.25, we will arrange an initial skype call with one of our directors.

What happens once you get funded:

  • There will be a Funded Trader Contract sent to you to sign and we will return the fee from the last successful Funding Challenge completion. You will then be provided with access to the real funded account.

  • Depending on profits generated in your live account during the first 3 months live trading, your profit share will be increased accordingly. We will then allocate further funding in accordance with your live performance.

Good luck!

Market Stalkers Team