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Mrs. Angelo gives you levels to trade through market profile and supply demand levels

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Bronze Membership is a recurring payment of £39 per month (VAT applicable for UK)
1. Change playlist to "Bronze Members"
2. Click on the first video
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BRONZE PLAYLIST enables access to current and previous trading weeks strategy. It can also be used to see whether you connect to the method and to hear and see Mrs. Deeyana Angelo's analysis for the levels. Members of the Bronze list receive email notification when a new video goes online. It is an incredibly useful tool for active traders. Our founder and director gives you actual key levels to watch out for and what kind of price action she'll be looking to see around those key levels before acting on it.
Bronze Members also have access to an extra lesson on MARKET PROFILE

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FREE MEMBERS PLAYLIST gives access to a select few previous weekly levels, but not the current one and not the full 4 videos per month. It also has 2 free lessons. First lesson is on the method and Q points concept as well as Supply/Demand. Second lesson is on Trader Psychology and emotional disruption, the most important building block for successful trading. Free Members are required to sign up for free and will then receive an email with the password to access the Free Members Playlist content