We can provide coaching for intermediate traders on a one-to-one basis.

One-off consultations are for those traders wanting to improve their current skills. If you have a track record (mt4/mt5 history) our director can have a look at previous trades and advise objectively on how what can be improved. Usually there's an obvious numbers reason for lack of profitability or for scratch trading (not losing much, but not making much either).

Going further, there could be a psychological issue that's causing problems such as:
- Pulling trades off too soon without any objective reason
- Missing trades due to fear
- Executing trades on an impulse

Please choose from the following options:

  • Intensive Coaching Program - £6997 plus VAT (if applicable):
  • This program is designed for traders who have been TRADING ACTIVELY for 3 years, but are struggling to achieve profitability. Skype and join.me are the preferred method of communication in this case because we record all sessions for the trader's personal use and benefit. Please use the button at the bottom of the page to arrange a no-obligation skype call.
  • One-off coaching session - £180 plus VAT (if applicable):
  • Typically lasts between 1-3 hours. If the trader is located in London, we can sometimes arrange to meet you in our Battersea office. Otherwise the session is done through skype video calls because we can easily record the whole session including the screenshare. We require that the traders have a MINIMUM 2 years of active trading screen time. We do not provide sessions of any kind to absolute beginners.


After 6 months, ongoing coaching is also available on request or on a per month basis.

In both cases, for one-off coaching session or for 6 months coaching, absolute minimum screen time and experience required is 2 years of active trading. We expect firm knowledge of candlestick reading and basic understanding of economy.

Please keep in mind that places for mentoring are EXTREMELY limited.

Before making a payment PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST as you will be required to provide a CV before getting considered.

For a one-off session, full payment is required.

For the Intensive Trader Coaching program, half upfront is required.

After you make the payment, we will arrange a skype call with you.

For the intensive coaching program, traders will then proceed to the 4-week evaluation period. Once we have the information about how you trade, we will be able to see which areas need improvement and you will start working with a mentor from week 5. If you already have a track record, you can skip the 4 week evaluation by sending us performance history for the last 6 months.

We also function as a syndicate of traders. We offer a possibility of trader investment and funding through Darwinex platform.

Please download the file below for further details:


Trader Coaching Program for 6 months:

£6997 (Vat applicable for UK and EU students)