Rich H, 1-2-1 Mentoring & 90,000 funded Darwinia trader

A nice surprise for my Darwinex fund!

Thanks to Dee and James - without your amazing blahtech indicators and top notch guidance I wouldn't be getting these results!

Marko J, Gold Member
So happy I found Market Stalkers. I've been trying to make trading work for years. I'm into Level 3 now and that's where it all comes together. The flow chart setups are invaluable to the safety of the setups. I've never seen any other trader training company teach the system through flow charts - no excuses allowd here. Deeyana usually responds to my emails within a day with incredibly thorought answers
Roger, "Market Stalkers" ebook
I'm reading your ebook at the moment like a crime story. Your writing style is so clear and full of understanding
Frank, Gold Member
Excellent course, although the videos sometimes take a long time to buffer which is annoying
Joyce, Gold Member
I've been following Deeyana since her days on Forex Factory. I even asked her to teach me how to trade a few years back. When I realized that she has a whole course on her trading method, I immediately decided to go for the whole thing as soon as it was available. I haven't regretted my decision, her knowledge of the markets is second to none and I've already learned so much.
Jasper, "Market Stalkers" ebook
I've read and re-read your ebook. WOW - great stuff!:)
Michael, Silver Member
I first bought your ebook few months ago. It was quite eye-opening and although I've been trading for a while the book showed me where I was going wrong. I then decided to get the Silver membership (pro development series levels 1&2). Level 1 videos supplement the book in more ways than one. Level 2 is a lot more challenging, but wow! Market profile really helps to see the the price action in a completely new light. I am still studying the method but I must say I am very happy I found Market Stalkers